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About Logiclump’s Blockchain Services

Logiclump provides blockchain based services for organisations of any size and business domain with Blockchain-powered distributed systems to Develop a new Blockchain project from scratch or adjust existing solutions with the help of a reliable partner.We

Blockchain Technology Consultancy

We consult on blockchain technology and we can use it to elevate your organisation because blockchain is the smarter way to create your value.

NFT Game Development

on-fungible tokens (NFTs) are secure and unique tokens developed on the blockchain. NTFs can digitally represent real-world assets, such as artwork, in-game items, collectable trading cards, membership access and much more.

dApps Development

Our designated team of experts takes you through the dApp development process based on your unique idea.

Blockchain Wallet Development

We offer cryptocurrency wallet development services to develop and deliver secure crypto wallets.

Smart Contract Development

We write smart contracts for all applications from token crowdsales, digital asset management, DAO governance, NFT gaming and more.

Token & Cryptocurrency Creation

Our experts take you through the Token creation process based on your unique idea.

DeFi Solution Development

We cover all the tenets of a financial ecosystem development like borrowing and lending, exchange and trading, investing, and risk management.

IEO & ICO development:

We are the leading enterprise who provide services for IEO & ICO development. We help and train your business with personalised care to make profitable investments in IEO & ICO and make money through the opportunities that lies in IEO & ICO exchange.

Crypto Wallet Development

We are an end-to-end cryptocurrency wallet development company that provides excellent and secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet development services.

Crypto Exchange Development

we provide reliable cryptocurrency exchange development solutions which allows users to conduct transactions using cryptocurrency at a minimal charge unlike traditional banks with a central authority that charges a heavy amount for every transaction.

Nft marketplace development

We develop The best nft marketplace service where you can discover exclusive digital collectibles and their non-fungible tokens.